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VENUE CHANGE: Oslo Wushu Open 2015

SISTE NYTT Posted on Tue, July 01, 2014 16:46:16


It’s a pleasure to invite all our international Wushu friends to the 2015 Oslo Open International Wushu, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Sanda/Sanshou Championships!In the previous editions we have had competitors from more than 15 countries, including both recreational athletes and European Wushu Champions and medalists. And this year we can already confirm the participation of several European champions and medalists!

The competition aim is to be a bridge between top level athletes and our new young Wushu generation in Norway for them to get inspiration and more knowledge about Chinese Martial Arts. We also want to build bridges with the modern, traditional and internal Wushu communities in Norway.

The competition is open for everyone, regardless of federation, club or national affiliation. Individuals may also register without a club.

Oslo Wushu Team would like to welcome you all, and we also offer free accommodation in our centrally located Wushu Guan for those of you travelling on a budget.


The Oslo Wushu Open 2015 will be held on March 13-15th at Kastellet skole (school), Birger Olivers vei 34 – 1176 Oslo.


Taolu children (6-12 yrs) open hand forms – modern, traditional, internal
Taolu children (6-12 yrs) open weapons – modern, traditional, internal, short, long, flexible
Taolu junior (born 1998-2002) modern hand forms girls – Changquan, Nanquan
Taolu junior (born 1998-2002) modern hand forms boys – Changquan, Nanquan
Taolu junior (born 1998-2002) modern weapons girls – Dao, gun, jian, qiang, nandao, nangun
Taolu junior (born 1998-2002) modern weapons boys – Dao, gun, jian, qiang, nandao, nangun
Taolu junior (born 1998-2002) traditional & internal hand forms girls – Ex: Taiji, Hunggar etc
Taolu junior (born 1998-2002) traditional & internal weapons boys – Ex: Taijijian, Shaolingun etc
Taolu senior (born >1997) beginner forms open – Wubuquan, Yiluquan, Tantui etc (max 30 sec)
Taolu senior (born >1997) modern hand forms women – Changquan, Nanquan
Taolu senior (born >1997) modern hand forms men – Changquan, Nanquan
Taolu senior (born >1997) modern weapons women – Dao, gun, jian, qiang, nandao, nangun
Taolu senior (born >1997) modern weapons men – Dao, gun, jian, qiang, nandao, nangun
Taolu senior (born >1997) traditional hand forms women – Ex: Shaolin, Hunggar etc
Taolu senior (born >1997) traditional hand forms men – Ex: Shaolin, Hunggar etc
Taolu senior (born >1997) traditional weapons women – Ex: Shaolingun, Shuangdao etc
Taolu senior (born >1997) traditional weapons men – Ex: Shaolingun, Shuangdao etc
Taolu senior (born >1997) internal hand forms women – All traditional styles of Taijiquan
Taolu senior (born >1997) internal hand forms men – All traditional styles of Taijiquan
Taolu senior (born >1997) internal weapons women – All Taiji weapons
Taolu senior (born >1997) internal weapons men – All Taiji weapons
Taolu junior/senior open (born >2002) Duilian women – Fight set forms
Taolu junior/senior open (born >2002) Duilian men – Fight set forms

*in case less than 3 athletes are registered in a category it will be merged together with the nearest possible category according to age and gender. If a merge still is impossible the category will be cancelled and coaches will be notified the day after the registration deadline on March 2nd.


NKF (Norwegian Martial Arts Federation) rules for Taolu will be implemented at this competition.

The NKF competition rules for Wushu Taolu is based on the 1999 set of IWUF rules. Optional forms with Nandu can be performed but there will be no marks for difficulties or transitions. The score of each athlete will be announced on a TV-screen after each performance.

The NKF Taolu carpet will be used at the competition. This is a thin carpet surface with a thick soft layer underneath, similar to the carpets used in cheerleading and gymnastics.


Children 6-12 yrs
According to Norwegian law children under 13 years can’t participate in international competitions. There will be no scores given for children from 6-12 years and all will receive medals and certificates at the awarding ceremony after the competition. However, scores will be noted for all children and can be sent to coaches by request after the competition.

Juniors 13-17 yrs
All juniors receive certificates for participation, the top three ranked athletes in each category will also receive gold, silver and bronze medals.

Seniors +18 yrs
All top five athletes will receive certificates, the top three ranked athletes in each category will also receive gold, silver and bronze medals.

Best association
A special award will be given to the federation/club with the highest total ranking for all athletes and categories combined. A gold medal gives 10 points plus the amount of competitors in that category, silver medal 7 points and bronze medal 5 points. If an athlete wins silver medal in a category with 8 athletes the club will receive 15 points (7 points for silver and 8 points for number of athletes in the category).

Best athlete – “Grand Champion”
The overall best athlete with the highest total individual score as described in the “Best association” column will be awarded an exclusive special award as the Oslo Wushu Open “Grand Champion”. In addition the athlete will receive 3 tickets to the stadium at “Holmenkollen Sunday” ski races on March 15th.


March 1st

Friday March 13th
13:00-20:00: Arrival, registration and payment in for all athletes at Oslo Wushu Team

Saturday March 14th
8:00 Open hall at Kastellet skole sports hall
9:30 March in for all athletes at Kastellet skole sports hall
10:00-13:00 Taolu competition hand forms
13:30-17:00 Taolu competition weapons and duilian
17:00-17:30 Awards ceremony Taolu

Sunday March 15th
9:00-14:00: The world famous and prestigious Holmenkollen 50 km Cross country ski race for men. Free admission long side the tracks in the forest with thousands of fans. This is the winter version of “Tour de France” and Norways proudest sports day since the first race held in 1892! The day also concludes in the traditional Holmenkollen Ski jumping competition which requires pre bought tickets.


Since the competition is held during the greatest sports weekend in Oslo teams are advised to book hotels early. All hotels in the city centre area are easily accessible to the arena by tram.

We recommend which is next to our gym.

For booking of accommodation at OWT or for further information about other possibilities in Oslo, please contact competition organiser Kim Gibson:


The registration fee is NOK 100,- (ca 13 EUR) for one event, and an additional NOK 50,- per extra event. 3 events = NOK 200,- (100 + 50 + 50). The registration fee is to be paid in cash during the registration on March 13th.

Registration deadline is MARCH 1ST!

To make it as easy as possible for everyone registration may be sent by email to using this template:

Contact email:
Contact mobile:

Athlete 1 name:
Athlete 1 birth date:
Athlete 1 categories: (Example; Taolu junior traditional hand forms girls)

Athlete 2 name:
Athlete 2 birth date:
Athlete 2 categories:


Competition organiser Oslo Wushu Team Manager Kim Gibson
Mobile: +47 46931026

Host, registration and free accommodation at Oslo Wushu Team
Address: St Olavs Gate 21, 0165 Oslo (entrance through the back yard)
Close to the Royal Palace and Nationaltheatret

Competition venue Kastellet skole sports hall

Address: Birger Olivers vei 34, 1176 Oslo

Tram line no 18 and 19 (Ljabru) to Kastellet station, 400 m from the school.

FINALE: VGTV Skal du ha juling?

SISTE NYTT Posted on Tue, June 03, 2014 09:47:09

Husk Ã¥ se finalen av VGTV-serien “Skal du ha juling?” hvor gutta trener hos oss pÃ¥ Oslo Wushu Team og gÃ¥r kamp i grenen Wushu Sanda (kinesisk kickboxing).

Se finalen her:!/video/82497/skal-du-ha-juling-episode-8-finale-jonna-vs-bernt

EM-medaljer til Norge

SISTE NYTT Posted on Wed, May 07, 2014 11:17:36


Milos Joksimovic ble historisk da han som første nordmann til gull i Wushu EM!

Vi har fler klasser igjen, følg oss på

Resultater Regionsmesterskap i Wushu

SISTE NYTT Posted on Sun, February 23, 2014 01:07:40

25 deltakere fra 7 klubber gjorde opp om medaljene i årets Regionsmesterskap i Wushu. For første gang ble det også arrangert en offisiell konkurranse i grenen Tuishou (push hands).

Resultater her:

Nybegynner-KICKOFF og show

SISTE NYTT Posted on Mon, January 13, 2014 16:30:50

Vi ønsker alle nye og gamle elever velkommen til årets nybegynner-KICKOFF og show tirsdag 14. januar kl 18:30-19:15.

Det vil bli nyttig info for både eksisterende og nye medlemmer og foreldre, samt presentasjon av alle gruppene hos oss.

Våre fremste konkurranseutøvere holder også oppvisning denne dagen:
РBarneoppvisning med v̴re klubbmestere og vinner av Oslo Wushu Open.
РOppvisning i Sanda (kamp) ved v̴re nybakte Norgesmestere.
– Oppvisning i Taolu (former) ved utøvere med tilsammen 17 NM-gull og en rekke internasjonale titler.
РOppvisning i Taolu (former) ved v̴r profesjonelle kinesiske coach.

Vi ses i St Olavs Gate 21!

Mer informasjon på vårt Facebook-event her:

Toppresultater i Baltic Open!

SISTE NYTT Posted on Mon, December 02, 2013 10:47:46

2 gull og 3 bronse til Oslo Wushu Team i Tallinn. Sjekk pressemelding fra Norges Kampsportforbund her:

Norges beste wushuklubb!

SISTE NYTT Posted on Sun, November 10, 2013 18:10:37

Med hele 5 gull og 2 sølv ble Oslo Wushu Team nok en gang landets fremste konkurranseklubb under årets Norgesmesterskap i Wushu (Kung Fu).

Spesielt gledelig i år er det at vi fikk klubbens første NM-gull i Sanda ved vår coach Henrik Grimshei i -85 kg og junior Dat Hoang. Silje Salazar gjorde også en kjempeinnsats i jentefinalen, men måtte se seg slått av den tøffe motstanderen.

VÃ¥r Taolu coach Alex Vu disket opp med hele 3 gull i Taolu-klassene Moderne hÃ¥ndform, Tradisjonell hÃ¥ndform og VÃ¥penformer. Dette ble Alex’ 5, 6 og 7. NM-gull og han er nÃ¥ tidenes mestvinnende NM-utøver i Wushu!

Benjamin Sandvik Kristiansen tok sølv i både håndform og våpenform for juniorene, mens Philip Hansson tok en 4. og 6. plass i de samme klassene.

Gratulerer til alle våre deltakere for flotte resultater, men aller viktigst; takk for at dere stilte med god sportsånd og backet opp både hverandre og utøvere fra andre klubber. OWT ønsker å være en inkluderende klubb som møter andre med åpenhet, en kultur jeg føler vi har fått godt etablert i klubben.

Se full resultatliste fra årets Wushu NM her:

NÃ¥ ser vi fremover mot neste utfordring som blir Baltic Open i Tallinn om bare 3 uker, JIAYOU!

/Kim G. (stolt coach)

Invitasjon Wushu NM i Bergen 9. november 2013

SISTE NYTT Posted on Fri, September 27, 2013 15:17:36

Wushu NM i Bergen 9. november!

Påmelding på klubben innen 25. oktober.

TEAM-trening hver fredag kl 18:00 er åpen for alle som skal være med på NM i Taolu. Sanda kjører sparring på onsdager.

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